The dynamic new name for produce
from ASEPOP NAOUSSA (Agricultural Cooperative of Fruit & Vegetable Producers of Naoussa)

ASEPOP Naoussa has been a dynamic presence in the market for more than half a century and is always beside its customers with the best fruit and vegetables. Now, it is launching a new initiative which will give a boost to its PDO peaches and all the other its produce.
It has created a strong new brand with VERMINA as its trade name and logo.

VERMINA comes from a combination of the names Vermio and Naoussa. It combines all the positive aspects of the wonderful Vermio mountain range with the tradition and know-how of the producers from Naoussa who cultivate the highly fertile areas at the foot of the mountains.

Now ASEPOP NAOUSSA’s products have their own brand and identity so that their faithful customers will be able to ask for them by name.

Dynamic campaign on television and online

The new VERMINA brand is already being advertised with a strong, integrated programme of advertisements and an inventive tv spot where it will be discussed with Giorgos Galitis, the theatre and television actor from Naoussa. The brand is also being intensely marketed online.
The new brand VERMINA is also supported by impressive promotional materials.

VERMINA… the name of quality and sales

Because... a good name is precious!


VERMINA peaches
have already conquered the market

The new brand has already conquered the market with the Cooperative’s most important product – ASEPOP’s Naoussa’s PDO peaches. Now their origin and high quality will be shown on the new fruit crates with their new stylish logo and by the small stickers with the VERMINA logo on each fruit.

This move which will give increased momentum to sales both in Greece and abroad. Place your orders in good time to benefit from customers’ increased interest in VERMINA products and to be ready when customers ask for them by name.