The facilities of ASEPOP NAOUSSA are modern and complete. It possesses its own land of 31.060 sq.m in the region of Kopanos (near the Railway), 8 km away from the city of Naoussa, where its facilities are situated. The total size of its buildings is 8050sq.m in extent, 2400sq.m of which is occupied by the refrigerating-cooling chambers, which have the capacity of 13500 cubic m. of controlled atmosphere. It also includes 2000 sq.m storage area, a 1560 sq.m. Sorting department (it is a modern department used for the sorting and packaging of apples, peaches, nectarines, and kiwis with a capacity of 10-12 t. of fruit per hour whereas there is modern equipment of small-packaging, too) and a 2090 sq.m area for all the other activities.

Vasilis Bougas

General Manager

Refrigerating & Cooling Facilities

The refrigerating-cooling facilities of ASEPOP NAOUSSA were built in 1999 and they are consisted of a modern department of controlled atmosphere refrigerators of 13500 cubic m in extent, which all work at high rate of efficiency and with a 100% exploitation factor all around the year.
The construction of new refrigerating chambers in a separate building, used for the storage and maintenance of kiwis, will initiate in the year of 2008.
It also owns a branch in the Main Vegetable Market in Athens (which includes storing and refrigerating areas)
Moreover, there are two meteorological stations, which help the geotechnical section also owned by the cooperation. So, after taking into account certain information regarding specific time (like measurement of insect traps, measurement and writing down of weather conditions) it applies the most appropriate farming treatment and interventions when it is most needed.