Human Resources

A major role in the function and the development of the cooperation plays the human resources. It is the moving power that coordinates, instructs, takes actions and most importantly fulfills all the expectations of each member of the cooperation.

The producers of the agricultural products have, as easily understood, the leading part in it. The follow the exact instructions on the process of production, given by the agriculturists and the advisors e.g. in the Application of Complete Farming Distribution Products, in the cultivation of new varieties, in the protection of hail, in the patterns of cultivation etc. All these result in the top quality of the products.

All the members are represented by the board of managers, which consists of seven people. It is them who guide, coordinates and fulfill the demands and the expectations of the producers. They succeed in the goals with the correct management of all the sections.

All the above are accomplished by the most responsible, expert staff members of the sector of management (by the human recourses in the Accounts Department, in the Sales Department, in the Geotechnical, in the Delivery department and in the seasonal employees).


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