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ASEPOP NAOUSSA will participate

in FRESKON  fair Thessaloniki, Hall 15 stand 52 from 23/04/2023 to 25/04/2023

We will be very glad to meet you there.
We are certain that your visit to our stand will be the base of fertile and profitable cooperation

Trading, handling and export of fruit and vegetable products

The cooperation of ASEPOP Naoussa is one of the two largest co-operations in Naoussa engaging in distributing, trading and exporting agricultural products - fresh fruit like peaches PDO, cherries, apples, nectarines, pears, plums and kiwis.
It is situated in Naoussa while collecting agricultural products from the agricultural producers-members of the Cooperation, who cultivate the most fertile regions in Imathia, on the feet of the «Vermion» Mountain. The unique microclimate of this specific region has led to the naming of the cultivated peaches as Products with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO Products).
The fully adequate facilities and the equipment of ASEPOP Naoussa (cold storages-refrigerators-sorting departments, storage places, loading areas) are ideal for fresh fruit, whereas the gained Quality Certifications guarantee the quality of the distributing products.


Asepop Naoussa provides fruit from Greek producers abroad and is active in wholesale with partners who trust us.
Packaging & Transport

Packaging & Transport

ASEPOP Naoussa specializes in the packaging and trade of fruit and vegetable products and fresh fruit such as PDO peaches, cherries, apples, nectarines, pears, plums, kiwis.


Asepop Naoussa has an upward course of operation of 53 years of intense and creative business action with the main goal of sales abroad.

Fruits - Products

  •  Naoussa Peaches

    Naoussa Peaches

    The ideal place to cultivate peach trees was proven to be Naoussa. Naoussa is a well known city for its peach production as the appropriate climate and soil conditions exist. In addition to this, the strong longing of the producers and their valuable experience create the desirable result of excellence, fruit (peach) rich in aroma, unique taste which are long lasting since they are packed in the field by the producer. Read More
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Products Protected Designation of Origin

The peaches that we produce and supply to our customers are of excellent quality. The combination of the appropriate soil of the region, the abundant water sources as well as our microclimate, play a very important part.

Moreover, our producers are well aware of the benefits deriving from nature, so in their turn, they try with their experience and love to be worthy of the products.

For all the reasons mentioned above, our peaches come from the Agricultural Protected Region of Naoussa and were recognized as products PROTECED DESIGNATED OF ORIGIN (P.D.O.) - unique in Greece and one of few in Europe. 

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